Breeding Guide

This guide covers how the parents' traits contribute to their foal, and offers some tips on how to get good foals.


Foal stat formula

The formula for each individual stat (STR or SPD or AGI or INT or END) is given by
Foal Base Stat = A + B + C
Foal Birth Stat = Foal Base Stat + C
A = (Mare Base Stats + Stallion Base Stats) × 0.5
B = A × Discipline Bonus (If both parents are in the same discipline, and the stat is a discipline specific stat, then Discipline Bonus = 0.1, otherwise Discipline Bonus = 0.)
C = (Mare Breeding Stats + Stallion Breeding Stats - Mare Base Stats - Stallion Base Stats) × 0.12
A, B, C, Foal Base Stat, and Foal Birth Stat are all rounded down to the nearest whole number (i.e. 12.3 becomes 12, 19.8 becomes 19, etc).

What this means is that

  • Foal stats depend on the parents' base stats, their stats at the time of breeding, and their discipline.
  • Birth stats of the parents are not a factor in breeding.
  • Base stats of the parents are weighted more heavily than the rest of their stats.
  • If both parents are in the same discipline then the foal's discipline-specific stats will get a small bonus.
  • If you have to choose between two horses with very similar stats, then the horse with the higher base stats will produce higher statted foals.

Colour and Pattern Genes


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